Ascend: New Gods is an upcoming game by Signal Studios for the Xbox 360.


The main story is that you control a Caos. Caos are a gigantic race of mighty warriors who have been created to do the bidding of the gods. As a Caos, you must declare alliegence to one of the three Gods of the game.


The game revolves around killing Titans for your God. Your character is customizable, with the ability to have new weapons, armor, appearances, and moves.


While you can interact with others online, you are both experiencing unique single-player games. There will also be the option to send other players blessings to help them out or a curse to make their game harder.


With a mobile device, you will be able to play Ascend: New Gods anywhere. Mobile capabilities include being able to wage war against other players and the ability to transfer all of your data to your Xbox 360.



Concept ArtEdit


Ascend Hand of Kul E3 2012 Announcement Trailer01:12

Ascend Hand of Kul E3 2012 Announcement Trailer

Ascend E3 2012 Gameplay Trailer02:17

Ascend E3 2012 Gameplay Trailer

Inside Signal Studios E3 2012 Edition03:22

Inside Signal Studios E3 2012 Edition

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